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XLVip Cash Handling System

With the click of a mouse you can access your data securely using your internet browser. You can even grant third-party providers (bank, armored car service, technicians) access to the same information using secure SSL web access.

The Features
Auto bank XLViP electronics are currently available on various validating safe configurations - bulk feed or single-note validating safes with these key features:

  • Validates notes without stacking
  • Validated drops with Insta-Drop (9-users) and Extended Drop Modes
  • Manual Drops
  • Up to 1500 Users (User ID + PIN)
  • Unlimited Audit
  • Medeco Key Armored Car Access
  • Printed Receipts & Reports
  • GPRS or TCP/IP Communication with Edge IP Internet Server
  • Dual Language, Dual Currency
  • Fully Configurable Security and Accounting Options

The Benefits
Auto bank XLViP is the most powerful cash handling platform on the market today. Combining the most innovative, powerful, and responsive accounting system in a secure yet easy to use safe, it sets the standard. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Real-time reporting of drop and deposit data to the Edge IP Internet Server.
  • Secure SSL internet access to your data on the Edge IP server.
  • Optional third party access to Edge IP data.
  • Available with bulk or single-note feed bill validators.
  • Remote software and firmware updates for currency changes.
  • Highly customizable reports including full and summary versions.
  • Easily export report data to Excel or other spreadsheet or database applications.
  • Highly reliable safe and web data.
  • Easy to use at the store level as well as in the back office.


XLVip Series

Web Based EDGE-iP Software
We keep a set of Auto bank XLV-iP safes in our factory showroom. These safes are connected to the internet and the EDGE-iP server. Now you can also log in and take EDGE-iP for a test drive with real safes operating and reporting in real time. Of course since these safes are sitting in a showroom they don't get much money passed through them. To successfully log in and see some interesting data follow these steps:

  • Log in as user MGRQSR with password MGRQSR.
  • Expand the side panel.
  • Check ALL stores.
  • Set the date range as follows (scroll down if necessary): From Date 8/1/08; To Date 8/31/08.
  • Click Apply.
  • Use the pull-down menus at the top to see all sorts of financial and other important data from these systems.


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