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V1/V2 Controller Autobank

The external display (EPR) 4-line fluorescent display makes it possible for the operator to easily see on-screen instructions, making it easier than ever to follow directions and efficiently use the safe's validated drop capabilities. The AuditLok XLV keypad also allows quick access to other advanced features such as printing reports, programming users or configuration parameters, and even more advanced features, such as buying change, when dispensing Autobank safes are interfaced with a V1C or V2C.

One V1C or V2C safe can serve as the controller for up to 15 V1R or V2R safes. The modularity of the Autobank cash handling platform allows you to construct a system tailored to your specific needs. Controller units are supplied with a printer and EPR display.

V1R & V2R Remote Autobank
V1R and V2R units are designed to integrate as remote components in an AuditLok XLV system where a different safe serves as the system's controller (D8C, V1C, V2C, or AXC). V1R and V2R safes are physically identical to their controller counterpart models, but are not equipped with their own central processor, printer or display.

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