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V1 & V2 Bulk Series

The 2000-note high-capacity locking cassette(s) are well protected in a secure compartment.

An anti-fish manual drop slot is provided to a separate compartment on JCM version V1 and V2 models. This upper compartment is accessed using a knob operated spring-bolt lock.

Controller and remote versions are available. Controller V1C or V2C units are capable of interfacing with and controlling up to 15 remote V1R and V2R bill validating Auto banks. V1R or V2R units may also be controlled by D8C Auto bank safes.

Designed for virtually any type of safe, the AuditLok XLV electronics are used on all Auto bank safes. These safes are supported by Edge software.

  • Used Anywhere Cash is Handled
  • JCM Bulk Feed or Single-Note Feed Validator Options
  • Positive Bill Authentication
  • 2000 Note Front-Load Lockable Cassette
  • Manual Drop Compartment
  • AuditLok XLV Electronics
  • Modular Interfaces Up to 16 Units
  • Positive I.D., 100 Users
  • 20,000 Line Audit Trail
  • Printed Receipts & Reports
  • Fully Programmable
  • Programmable Delays, Time locks
  • AC Operated
  • Easily Seen Fluorescent Display
  • Easy to Use "Action" Buttons
  • Burglary & Duress Alarms
  • 2-Point Low-Profile Bolt work
  • Controller (V1C/V2C) and Remote (V1R/V2R) Versions

V1 & V2 Bulk Series


V1/V2 Controller Auto bank

JCM Validators


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