Security Systems

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Lamson provides innovative high-tech loss prevention devices and systems to help secure your assets. Help deter theft and decrease asset loss with Electronic Article Surveillance  - EAS. This system uses a pedestal alarm that detects activated article tags as the item passes through the exit area.

Video Surveillance systems will provide your customers with security so they can relax and enjoy their shopping experience. By providing a secure working environment employees can focus on their jobs and provide uninterrupted customer service. This all translates to more profit and fewer hassles for our clients.

Protect your assets with Cash to Safe pneumatic systems provide secure transfer of money limiting employee theft and error. Lamson security products are made from high quality materials and expertly installed to our clients satisfaction. Our support staff is available to help with any questions or concerns about the systems we install.

Please contact a Lamson representative to find out how we can help you cut asset loss, give employees a safe working environment, and provide your customers with a safe shopping experience.

Keep track of your business no matter where you are with up-to-the-minute cash updates through a secure remote internet access.
Safes: Dispensing and Validating

Help secure your merchandise with a loss prevention system. Electronic Article Surveillance is one of the best ways to combat theft.
EAS Systems

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