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Semi Automatic Bi-Fold
Model: PW-1 & PW-2

Offering a panoramic three-sided view, models PW-1 and PW-2 are projected from the exterior of the building highlighting the drive-thru lane. These two models offer different size service openings; however, they are both standard with a 21” (d) x 27-3/4” (w) interior stainless base. Hands-free efficient service is offered with the use of the push-bar system.

Service Opening: 14”(w) x 18-1/4”(h)
Rough Opening: 28-1/8”(w) x 40-3/8”(h)

Service Opening: 14”(w) x 24-1/4”(h)
Rough Opening: 28-1/8”(w) x 40-3/8”(h)



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