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Hospitals & Labs

Lamson Hospital Systems are engineered to perform a great variety of tasks and provide cost effective solutions to a hospital's material handling needs. Hospital Tube Systems can transport practically anything that fits into a carrier, for example:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Laboratory Samples
  • Emergency Samples
  • IV-Bags
  • X-rays
  • Documents

A Hospital Tube Systems can transport a multitude of small and medium-sized items. Hospital Tube Systems saves not only time, but also space: laboratories and pharmacies can be centralized which will eliminate the need for decentralized laboratories and medicine storage locations.




Safety/Accountability/Loss Prevention

  • Labor savings
  • Eliminates the need for managers to be involved with each money drop
  • Change can be sent to the front line from the vault without a manager

No cash exposure at all - Cash goes from the till directly into the vault. Complete personnel accountability



Remote Pharmacy

Lamson provides a secure Remote Pharmacy System with safety features that include:

  • 2-Way Audio & Visual improves customer service and decreases error
  • Remote Pharmacy provides increased security
  • Video Messaging System for information or advertisement
  • Extend Business Hours at lower operating costs






Lamson systems eliminate warehouse traffic. When orders are
pulled from stock the paperwork can be sent directly to the office for
billing which prevents loss of productivity and helps expedite the billing
process. Many warehouses let paperwork pile up until the end of the
day which delays the billing process, with a tube system the paper work can be sent to the office immediately.



Weigh Stations

Lamson systems have increased productivity at many weigh stations more than 10 fold. A pneumatic tube system eliminates the truck driver from ever having to leave his truck to get paper work from the office. The paper work is sent directly to the truck, which eliminates costly back ups at the scale.


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