Electronic Surveillance Systems

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Lamson is one of the leading manufacturers of Radio Frequency anti-shoplifting systems. Our systems are proven to reduce shrinkage by utilising the latest in electronic detection technology. Our gates also have an audio and visual alarm which works when a tag is detected, and our systems provide a high level of operational reliability, making them less prone to false alarms.
We can provide you with a wide range of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems and we have an extensive range of security tags, labels and accessories (such as the Secur-It Basket) which are affordable and simple to use.

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Acrylic Guard

Acrylic Guard offers the ultimate solution in compact designer elegance
suited to any shop front. Lamson’s latest Acrylic Guard Antennas enables
you the option of having it permanently illuminated in a choice of colours.
Another option is having a sticker or sock with your company logo or
sponsored supplier details placed on or over the Antenna that would
then be illuminated.

This digital system with self-tuning capability tests the environment and adapts to cope with externally electrical noise which could cause false alarms.

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