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D8X Series - Dispensing Safes

The D8X is an economical stand-alone dispensing Auto bank that provides simple vend and door control without the advanced audit, printing, modem, or system integration features.

  • Used Anywhere Cash is Handled
  • AuditLok XLV Electronics
  • 80 Tube Dispensary
  • Magnetic Tube Racks (for storing empty tubes - two included)
  • Outer Door Delay
  • Vend Delay
  • Medeco® Key Security - Manager and Armored Car Access
  • On-Standby Key Switch for added operational control
  • AC Operated
  • Easy to See Fluorescent Display
  • 3-Point Low-Profile Bolt work
  • Inner Compartment Optional
  • Manual Drop Drawer


D8X Series

D8X Stand-Alone Auto bank

D8X Cash Handling safes feature a tube dispensing system, manual drop drawer, 3-point low-profile bolt-work hardware, automatic locking detent mechanism, and burglary resistant lock. The dispensing assembly holds up to 80 tubes (8 columns hold up to 10 tubes each). A tube-lock prevents unauthorized tube loading or fishing. The D8X also features Medeco key switches for normal and armor car door access. An inner compartment with key lock is optional.

Specs: 32"H x 21.5"W x 19"D exterior footprint, 420 lb ship wt (with optional inner compartment), display, manual drop drawer, tube lock and manager key, ACO key, on-standby key, 80 tubes included, dipstick included.


To place an order or for more information contact a Lamson representative: 866.247.8832


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