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D8 & V2 Combined System

This V2R hardware is condensed to the smallest possible footprint and bolted to the side of the D8C for more convenient installation. As a cash handling system, Auto bank safes give you the benefit of system-wide financial reporting through a single point of control.

The 4-line fluorescent display makes it possible for the operator to easily see on-screen instructions, making it easier than ever to follow directions and efficiently use the safe's dispensing and validating capabilities. The AuditLok XLV keypad also allows quick access to other advanced features such as printing reports, programming users or configuration parameters, and even more advanced features such as buying change with the built-in validators.

The D8C inner compartment is optional. The display, printer, manual drop drawer, tube lock key, power supplies, and 80 tubes are included. UPS required (sold separately).

The V2R is equipped with two Cash Code single-note feed bill validators. Each validator comes with its own 1500 note cassette offering a total capacity of 3000 notes.

Designed for virtually any type of safe, the patented AuditLok XLV electronics used on in both Auto bank safes in this system resulting in a unique and powerful cash handling platform. This system is supported by Edge software.

D8 Controller Safe
The D8C Auto bank safe features an interior compartment (optional) with manual drop drawer, 3-point low-profile bolt-work, automatic locking detent mechanism, and burglary resistant lock. The dispensing assembly holds 80 tubes (8 columns hold 10 tubes each). A tube-lock prevents unauthorized tube loading or tube fishing. Users log in with their identifier (electronic key or user number) and request to vend using the quick-action buttons and numeric keypad.

VR2 Side Car Safe
Twin Cash code 1500 note cassette validators are mounted on a roll-out door in a side-car style safe which is then bolted to the side of the D8C for convenient installation in the smallest possible footprint. Bill validators accept and count currency. Combined with the tight control of change, the validators make it easy and convenient to accurately track all money passing through the secure Auto bank system between the point of sale and your financial institution of choice with or without armored car service.


D8 V2 Combo
D8 & V2 Combined


  • Used Anywhere Cash is Handled
  • AuditLok XLV Electronics
  • Modular Interfaces to Multiple Units
  • Positive I.D., 100 Users
  • 20,000 Line Audit Trail
  • 80 Tube Dispensary
  • Positive Optic Tube Count
  • Magnetic Tube Racks (for storing empty tubes - two included)
  • Printed Receipts & Reports
  • Dual Language
  • Fully Programmable
  • Delays, Time locks
  • AC Operated
  • Easy to See Fluorescent Display
  • Easy to Use "Action" Buttons
  • Burglary & Duress Alarms
  • 3-Point Low-Profile Bolt work
  • Inner Compartment Optional
  • Manual Drop Drawer
  • Two Cash code validators with 1500 note back-load cassettes
  • Dimensions 32"H x 27.5"W x 19"D (footprint)
  • 625 lbs combined approximate ship weight (when equipped with D8 inner compartment


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