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Lamson has a wide variety of carriers for all systems.

If you do not see what you want please contact us for further assistance.

4 side opening hospital carriers
Medical Carriers
2x4x7 3B
4x7 2C

Superior quality Lamson Pneumatic Tube Carriers


2x4x7 1A
Lab Carriers
End Open

Safe & Secure

6" Medical Inserts
carrier 3 blomold clear
4 Side Opening Alunimum Carrier
4" Double End Carrier
carrier 2qrtr
carrier 2qrtr spring clip
carrier 3x10
4" Blo-Mold Carrier
carrier 2 qrtr blomold
carrier 3 blomold
4.5" Aluminum Carrier
carrier 4 clean out
6" Alligator Carrier
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