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Semi Automatic Bi-Fold
Model: BPS & BPSC-4840

BPSC models come without the push bar system and operate as a manual open, self-closing unit. Doors lock automatically when closed on these models.

MODEL BPS-4840 & BPSC-4840
With this semi-automatic bi-parting slider, simply lean against the push-bar and both doors will open simultaneously providing exceptional speed of service. Upon release of the push bar, the doors close quickly, quietly and automatically. A spacious stainless steel counter is provided for a clean staging area. Passing all health code requirements, this unit may be operated manually or by using the push bar.

Service Opening: 16-1/2” (w) x 30-1/4” (h)
Counter Space: 48” (w) x 11” (d)
Rough Opening: 48 3/8”(w) x 40 3/8”(h)




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