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BP-7241E, BP-7236E, BPSC-7241



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Bi-Parting Fully Automatic Window
Model # BP-7241E, BP-7236E, BPSC-7241

This 72” wide bi-parting electric slider has one of the largest service openings in the drive-thru arena. With a generous 29-1/2” (w) x 32” (h) opening, you can effectively operate with two workers in one window or pass large items such as dry cleaning, large pizza boxes, auto parts, etc. This window comes standard with a push button opening/closing device, however, our thru beam sensors can be used to operate this unit. We also make a manual, self-closing version of this window (Model #BPSC-7241) as well as a 36” tall unit (Model #BP-7236E).

Activated when the attendant stands between the emitter and receiver. Available on all electric sliders and is best used where there is limited space or tighter working conditions.

Service Opening: 29-1/2”(w) x 32”(h)
Rough Opening: 72-1/2”(w) x 41-1/2”(h)

Service Opening: 29-1/2”(w) x 26-1/2”(h)
Rough Opening: 72-1/2”(w) x 36-1/2”(h)

BPSC-7241 (Manual Open, Self Closing)
Service Opening: 29-1/2”(w) x 36-1/2”(h)
Rough Opening: 72-1/2”(w) x 41-1/2”(h)

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