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Camera Tilt Mechanism

Camera Tilt Mechanism
This camera tilt mechanism is controlled by the camera up and down keys on the Model 1500 Counter Station.

External Speaker

External Speaker for Lane Station Model 631-030

A 3-inch, 4 ohm speaker specified for optimum performance with Audio Authority Series 1500 intercom systems

Maximum Speaker SPL: 90 dB (1 watt @ 1 meter, with 4 Ohm speaker such as Model 631-030)

External Microphone

External Microphone for Lane Station Model 631-029

This specially designed, dedicated microphone, resists wind noise while optimizing audio fidelity for maximum intelligibility.

Goose Neck Microphone

Gooseneck Microphone for 1500 Model 631-026

Field-replaceable gooseneck microphone for the 1500 Counter Station.

4 port expansion card

4 Port Counter & 4 Port Customer Station Expansion Card

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