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1522 POS Station Housing

1522 POS Station-Housing with LCD, Camera, Speaker, Mic and Call-Button

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1523 Add On Hub
Add-On Housing with Video Display/Camera


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1525 Complete Customer Station Including Headset

1525 Complete Customer A/V Station with Handset

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1580S Audio Intercom System

1580S Audio Intercom System
The 1580 Series is a complete, cost-effective solution for one teller or pharmacist to communicate with one or two drive-up lanes.

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1540 Receiver

Surface Mount Handset 1540

This armored handset enables confidential communication in any walk-up customer service environment.

1541 Receiver

1541 Flush Mount Armored Handset

This armored handset enables private conversations in any walk-up customer service environment.

Traffic Sensor

1547 IR Traffic Sensor for Drive-up

The Traffic Sensor triggers a chime when its beam is interrupted by the arrival of an individual or vehicle, alerting customer service personnel.

1548 Head Switch

1548 Head Switch
Allows multiple headsets to be used with a single counter station.