Air Tube Systems

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Lamson has an innovative line of pneumatic air tube systems and accessories for hospitals, labs, retail chains, warehouses and more. Our installation and service representatives have high standards providing the best possible customer care.


Point to Point - Dedicated 2-way system transporting any type of material from one point - station, to and from, another. The "carrier" moves up to 30 feet per second and will travel up to 4000 feet quietly and efficiently. These systems are available with PVC or steel tubing.

Semi-Automatic - Send from a single master station to, and receive from any number of remote stations. Semi-automatics combine the latest technology in micro-processors or computer controls with state-of-the-art diverters and soft carrier arrival. These systems offer the best in price and space economies. Available with PVC or steel tubing.

Fully Automatic - Allow any station to send and receive from any other station. User simply inserts carrier into station, selects destination and the computer will guide transaction. The PC compatible computer controls all functions automatically. Color monitor keeps visual track of transactions and a printer gives permanent record. Many options such as station priority and high volume are available. PVC or steel tubing available

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