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Pneumatic, or air tube systems, transport documents cash and other items by using pressurized air to propel and vacuum containers called carriers from one area to another. When the first pneumatic tube system was developed in the nineteenth century it revolutionized the way we do business. Embracing this new technology Lamson began installing air tube systems over 100 years ago. Today we provide and install top of the line air tube and loss prevention systems to pharmacies, hospitals, labs, warehouses, retail outlets and more.
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Experienced Professionals
Lamson takes pride in its years of experience and our team of experts.

Installation crews and support staff are knowledgeable and conscientious living up to the high standards our clients are accustomed to. We make sure every system is installed to specification while providing professional support throughout the process to ensure optimum client satisfaction.


Looking Forward
Lamson will continue to explore innovative air tube & security system solutions and applications.

We also look forward to expanding our list of worldwide agents delivering innovative solutions around the globe.

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